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R.A.: Visual

Art by G.LOLI

M Portrait, pencil on paper
"Solar/Lunar Panel Phoenix Africa Leading Light of the World", pen & ink, silver on paper (2016)
S. Sudanese Solar/Lunar Panel Hedjet: The Last shall be the First (oil pastel, watercolor, marker, pencil, wax & tape on paper)
'Waiting For My Orders', Charcoal & Watercolor on Paper by G. Loli, 2017
Symbols Follow Liner Art & Text, pen & ink on paper (above), collage on paper (below)
Mary F. portrait, pencil on paper
Mush'd, oil pastel & acrylic on paper
SELF-AUTO-JINN(X) +++ (charcoal, watercolor on paper)
Harry Partch, pen & ink on paper
Studio, G.Loli
Power of Won (ink, watercolor & colored pencil on paper) 2016
Rekkez LP Poster detail (ink, blood, hair, freestyle sewing, acrylic, watercolor, birch flower, oil pastel, toothpaste carton, baking paper on paper) 2012
AfroAsiatic Mokkassar (discarded lithograph, ink, oil pastel, watercolor on paper)